Why is It Important to Check the Reputation of a Company Before Buying Precious Metals?

Either you are just starting on your precious metals investments, thinking about starting your investments, or you are an experienced investor, the most important thing that you should do before purchasing any bullion is to corroborate the reputation of the gold dealer before you do anything else. 

The bullion world can be very overwhelming and confusing at first, and for people who are not familiar with the bullion or precious metal investing environment or have no references from friends and family, it is very difficult to start and even more so to take the first step. 

The reason you should do all your due diligence before you purchase from any random guy on social media is crucial due to the high incidence of fraud. Never buy from people who offer crazy deals on the internet and social media; if a reputable dealer can’t match the price, it is most likely a fraud!! 

Qualities to look for in a precious metals dealer when searching online: 

1- it came to you recommended by someone you trust 

2- read reviews! One of the best (and often worst…) aspects of the online world is the number of people willing to leave their opinions online about a business. Remember! There will always be unhappy customers and people with grudges out there. Don’t be misled by all good or all bad comments; both can be used by companies to their benefit or by competence to bring a dealer down. Check that there is a balance between positive, real reviews and customer satisfaction. 

3- Check that your dealer is a certified precious metals dealer. As a Canadian gold dealer, you can look for the DNA certification from the Royal Canadian Mint. DNA dealers are listed on the CRM website. Instant Gold Refining is a DNA certified precious metals dealer by the RCM, and you can find us on their website. 

Don’t waste your money and make wise investments with Instant Gold Refining. We work for your benefit to build a solid precious metals investment portfolio at the best rates in the market with the maximum security you can get in the market.

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