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The Ultimate Guide to Buying 1 Kilo Silver Bars

What to Look for When Buying 1 Kilo Silver Bars

You should consider several factors when buying 1 kilo of silver bars.

Look for a fine silver 999. The standard for investment-grade silver is 99.9% pure. Less pure silver bars.925 loses value over time.

Consider the brand and manufacturer. Johnson Matthey, Sunshine Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and Golden State Mint are trusted brands. Selling their bars will make liquidating your silver easier.

Check the silver spot price. The current silver per ounce market price is the “spot” price. Only buy bars 5-10% above the spot price. Anything higher is overpaying.

Special engravings, serial numbers, and holograms are security features. These make the bar harder to fake, ensuring authenticity. Silver costs about $31 CAD per ounce.

Consider your shipping and insurance budget. Shipping fewer pieces for the same silver ounces with larger bars. However, they cost more upfront. Find budget balance.

A 1-kilo silver bar offers a lot of silver. Be sure to compare bars and dealers and buy from a reliable source. You’ll thank yourself later for making this smart financial investment.

Top Rated 1 Kilo Silver Bars from Trusted Mints

Some popular 1-kilo silver bars are:

  • PAMP Suisse: A reputable private mint producing premium silver bars. Their sleek, minimalist 1-kilo bar displays weight, purity, and serial number. Brands cost more, but they’re worth it.
  • Johnson Matthey: Johnson Matthey 1-kilogram silver bars are .999 pure silver bars. Since Johnson Matthey’s founding more than 150 years ago, it has been known for making high-quality precious metal products. These bars are cheap and IRA-eligible.
  • Royal Canadian Mint (RCM): The government-run mint creates 1-kilo bars with beautiful maple leaf and Canadian imagery designs. RCM silver is rare, so you may pay more, but the bars hold their value.

A 1-kilo silver bar should be a part of any precious metals’ portfolio, whether you want to keep it for a long time or trade it and sell it for a profit.

 Storing and Protecting Your 1 Kilo Silver Bars


Home safes and bank safety deposit boxes are best. A safe keeps silver safe from thieves and the elements. UL RSC or better, 1/2-inch steel thickness, and fire protection are desirable in a safe. Consider a safe with a UL rating of TL-30 or higher that protects against cutting tools and torches for 30 minutes for maximum security.

Bank Safety Deposit Boxes

Bank safety deposit boxes are also good. The vault will protect your silver from natural disasters and theft. Safety deposit boxes can be seized by governments in some countries. Before using a bank box, check your country’s laws.

Other Tips

Do not flaunt your silver bars. The fewer people who know, the safer. Organize and label 1-kilo silver bars for easy identification and accounting in a home safe or bank box. Photo your collection in case of loss or theft to help with insurance claims and bar replacement.

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