The Hidden World of Gold Mining: How Gold Is Really Mined

Exploring for Deposits using Processing Technologies

To ascertain whether the ideal circumstances are there for gold to develop, geologists examine the local geology. Rock type, structure, and age are just a few variables that can offer hints.

Gold deposits beneath the surface can also be found using geophysical methods, including seismic surveys, magnetic surveys, and ground-penetrating radar. Test drilling is carried out to obtain rock samples from below the surface if the results are promising.

The sophistication of exploration has undoubtedly increased due to technology. Using infrared sensors, satellites can find gold-bearing rocks from space. Airborne surveys are done by drones. Maps of probable locations are created using sophisticated 3D mapping software.

How Does Gold Mining Work, and What Is It?

The action of removing gold from the earth is known as mining. Earth’s naturally occurring gold can be extracted using a variety of methods and procedures.

Mining in Open Pits: Open-pit mining is the most popular and successful way to extract gold. Massive pits are excavated to gain access to minerals and ores below the surface in open-pit mining, a surface mining method. However, because of erosion and deforestation, it could harm the ecology.

Mines underground: Underground extraction is employed for gold reserves that are more deeply buried in the earth. To reach the gold mine, tunnels, and shafts are dug into the earth. In addition to being riskier than open-pit mining, this method can also be more expensive.

Massive Leaching: To do this, crushed ore is piled up on a pad that has been lined, and a leaching agent like cyanide is sprinkled over it. The gold is dissolved by the solvent as it percolates through the ore. Using harmful chemicals also puts the environment in danger.

A Closer Look at the Gold Mining in Canada

Most of the country’s gold is mined in Ontario and Quebec, which together produced 70% of all mined gold in Canada in 2021. Gold is also mined in the country’s other ten provinces and territories. In terms of global mine production of gold, Canada came in fourth place in 2022 with 220 metric tons of gold.

A gold mine’s lifespan: A gold mine can normally take approximately ten to twenty years once a deposit has been found to generate material that can be processed into bullion. In order to process gold, rock and ore must be converted into doré, a very pure metallic alloy that normally contains between 60 and 90% gold.

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