Silver Kangaroos: Australia’s Precious Metal Pride

The History and Significance of the Australian Silver Kangaroo

Long and prestigious, the Australian Silver Kangaroo coin. The 1993 coin allowed investors to buy 99.9% pure silver in lesser amounts. The coin’s reverse depicted a leaping kangaroo for years.

The Royal Australian Mint included a more realistic standing kangaroo in 2016. This new design emphasized Australia’s most iconic marsupial’s strength. A national emblem, the kangaroo has been on Australian banknotes for decades.

One of the most prestigious silver bullion coins is the Silver Kangaroo. It weighs 1 troy ounce of.999 pure silver and costs $1 (AUD). However, the coin trades internationally depending on silver spot prices. The coin’s obverse depicts Australia’s monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

Investors and collectors value Silver Kangaroos. The Australian government guarantees its silver purity and weight, and the design is iconic. The coins are IRA-approved in the US. Silver Kangaroos are perfect for individuals developing wealth in precious metals or wanting to acquire a piece of Australian culture.

The Silver Kangaroo joins the American Silver Eagle and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf as notable silver coins. A perfect and unforgettable motif for this precious metal souvenir is the kangaroo, Australia’s most famous export. Silver Kangaroos are a national symbol and a silver investment for investors.

Minting and Design Details of the Silver Kangaroo Coin Series

On the back of the Silver Kangaroo coin series is the Australian kangaroo. The Perth Mint, Australia’s oldest, mints the 99.99% silver coins.

Design: The coins’ reverse shows a moving kangaroo. The design changes somewhat each year. British queen Queen Elizabeth II is seen on the obverse.

  • A mother kangaroo with a joey in a pouch, amid a stylized sunburst.
  • Kangaroo bounding across open field.
  • Kangaroo standing alert, facing left.
Popular Kangaroo Silver Coins Available
  • 2023 Silver Perth Kangaroo 1 oz
  • 2021 Perth Dreaming Down Under Kangaroo 1/2 oz Silver Proof
  • 2020 Australia Perth Kangaroo 1 oz Silver Coloured Proof HR
Minting Process

Perth Mint produces high-quality coins using sophisticated technologies. To create crisp, intricate designs, blanks are cut to exact dimensions and pounded many times with up to 2,000 tonnes of pressure. After the Mint’s patented minting process, coins have mirror-like fields and glazed designs. First-year Kangaroo Silver Dollar mintage was limited to 150,000 pieces.

Investing in Silver Kangaroos – What to Know as a Collector
  • Highly purified silver makes them attractive bullion investments. The Australian government guarantees silver purity and content.
  • Annually changing designs on the reverse side showcase kangaroos in their natural habitat, increasing collectability. The design for 2022 features a jumping kangaroo in front of a stylized sun. Limited mintages may boost collectors’ resale prices.
  • Kangaroos symbolize Australia’s fauna and scenery worldwide. This familiarity and cultural meaning draw shoppers globally.
  • The Australian government ensures Kangaroos meet minimum silver content and purity standards. This quality guarantee reassures investors.

Before purchasing Silver Kangaroos, understand they are tied directly to the fluctuating price of silver. Also know that while limited mintages may increase future values, there is no guarantee.

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