Why Should I Buy a Gold Kilo Bar?

Investing in Gold is among one of the most popular routes that people take to diversify their portfolio. In purchasing precious metals, one can hedge their money against inflation. Historically, Gold was used as currency but it was eventually replaced by fiat currencies, currencies that are not backed by commodities. However, the value of fiat currencies does in a way reflect itself in Gold prices but not in the way you may think. When fiat currencies begin to lose value, especially important ones such as USD, gold prices normally begin to rise. In times of economic crisis, Gold is regarded as a stable asset that will appreciate in due time. There are many ways you can invest in Gold, the most common being buying physical gold bullion. These gold products come in a variety of shapes and sizes however one of the most common is the gold kilo bar. 

Buying a kilo of Gold is not a cheap purchase, but aside from the heavy price tag, it is one of the best ways to invest in the metal. When manufacturing Gold products, costs are incurred which are then translated into premium costs. It costs much more to manufacture gold bullion products in smaller denominations as the designs become a lot more intricate. Therefore, buying products with higher premiums won’t be as beneficial as products with lower premiums such as the 1-kilogram bar. In purchasing a gold kilo, you’ll have to pay a large amount but there are many benefits to having such an investment in your portfolio. 1 kilo bars have much lower premiums and the fact that it is only one large bar makes it much easier to transport and store. 1 kilo bars are a great choice for buyers who are looking to hedge larger amounts of money against inflation.

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