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Putting money into gold: can it make you rich?

Gold Investments in the Past

Gold has become more valuable over time. Gold has generally given good results. From the past to now, gold has gone up higher. Gold is a popular way to protect and grow your wealth because it does well over time.

Pros, and Cons of Gold Investment
  • Gold can hold or rise when other investments underperform, reducing portfolio risk.
  • Gold hedged inflation for years. Gold protects purchasing power when fiat currencies fall.
  • Gold investing lacks income. Gold has no dividends, unlike stocks and real estate.
  • Store and insure physical gold investments. Large gold collections can be expensive to store.
  • Limited control over gold’s value. Global demand and supply determine gold’s price, which you can’t change.

Gold Investment can be done in many ways: Traditional gold investments are coins and bars. Gold ETFs allow for storage-free gold investments. Gold stocks provide gold market exposure.

Gold investment: START.
  • Read up on market trends and risks before investing. Learn by reading, attending webinars, and consulting experts.
  • Goals and timeline for investment. Wealth preservation or quick profit? Investment strategy follows goals.
  • Assess risk tolerance and know gold prices fluctuate. Gold investment may be lower for low-risk investors. In 2024, the 1 gram of gold price in Canada is around 100 CAD.
  • Select a preferred investment mode. Check investment control, liquidity, and storage costs.
  • Increase your portfolio with gold but diversify. Risk spread boosts stable returns.
How to Invest in Gold to Get High Returns
  • To make money from changes in the market, put a set amount of money into gold at regular times, no matter what the price is. It’s less risky to buy when prices are highest.
  • Keep an eye on events in world politics and the economy that could affect the price of gold. So you can make better decisions, and learn about macroeconomics.

Putting money into gold takes time to earn back. Since October 2013, gold has been worth around CAD 1700 an ounce. Now, it’s worth almost CAD 2,9000 an ounce. That is 50% plus. Your money could have grown by more than CAD 1,200 if you bought an ounce of gold and kept it for 10 years. Gold’s value keeps going up. Always be careful while making any investment.

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