10 oz Gold Bar

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About 10 oz Gold Bar

Gold is a very important contributor to the stabilization of a country’s economy. Some countries have their currency backed by gold, so as not to lose their face value in times of crisis. Political unrest, war and many other factors can destabilize an economy. Gold plays a significant factor in stabilizing an economy and fighting inflation. Besides the Jewelry industry or any other industrial application, Gold plays a very important role on an international scale.

When looking to purchase or invest in gold, 10 oz gold bars allow you to buy a larger quantity of gold thus saving on a lot of premium. 10 oz gold bar is a good middle ground in between smaller bars and the larger bars. It saves you on the premium of buying multiple smaller bars for the same weight, at the same time giving you an option of easier liquidation compared to larger bars like a 1 kilogram bar. Save on premiums and have a larger bar in your hand.

Instant Gold Refining is an Authorized RCM Bullion Dealer, also dealing in other gold and silver bullion products as well. Instant Gold Refining is where all your Smelting and refining needs will be met, any scrap gold, silver and even placer gold. Instant Gold Refining has been in this industry for close to 15 years. Buy gold and silver bullions from us, ranging from 1oz to 100oz. Instant Gold Refining offers very competitive pricing with some of the lowest rates on gold and silver bullions on the market. We carry 10 Ounce bars from a variety of companies. We also carry denominations like 1oz, 5oz, and 1kg bars from companies like Royal Canadian Mint, Asahi, Valcambi, Metalor, The Royal Mint, The Perth Mint Etc. Please contact us if you have any questions, and our team will gladly assist you.


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