How to ship and send gold scrap

There are a few ways to ship your scrap gold. Every company has its own procedures and its own parcel company preference. Some provide free shipping and some will charge a specific amount.

When shipping gold or gold scrap, there are a few steps that we recommend and advise others to follow. 

  1. Find a shipping company that provides insured shipping.
  2. Tightly pack and wrap the scrap gold in a secure bag and then properly seal it.
  3. Take the scrap gold pack and securely place it in a box with a lot of bubble wrap or paper.
  4. Make sure the package is tightly packed and is not moving at all.
  5. Once the package is securely packaged to your satisfaction, seal the box properly from all corners and sides.

After securely packing the shipment, you have to get the shipping papers in order. If the package is being shipped overseas or across borders, make sure the custom details are in order and all the rest of the paperwork is suitable to pass through customs without any issues.

In the customs papers, you have to declare the exact amount of the metals being shipped and pay any fee if applicable. If you are transporting the gold yourself overseas or across borders, contact the associated customs or border agency to see what arrangements can be made before hand.

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