How to sell dental gold in canada?

Dentists and oral hygienists can end up with quite a lot of dental scrap, which includes gold and other precious metals. This could become an additional source of income for them. The more dental scrap there is, the more economical and beneficial its recycling becomes. 

It is obviously very important to bring your scrap to a reputable dealer. At Instant Gold Refining, we pride ourselves on working for the benefit of our customers and giving them the best deal possible while making sure the whole refining and recycling process is highly accurate. 

The process for selling your scrap dental gold is very simple:

The first step is to do proper analysis and testing before melting. 

Second, the material gets melted and refined to the purest form possible. Then bars are poured and cleaned up. 

Thirdly, the bar gets tested with XRF technology. At this stage, the exact purity and gold content are known. The testing results are the basis for determining the final price. 

The last step of the process is the payment, for which we offer bank wire transfer, check, or swapping bullion products. With our competitive pricing and outstanding rates, you are sure to get the best deal possible when investing and working with us!

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