History Of Yukon Gold Mining

In 1896, explorers found Gold on Bonanza Creek in Klondike are of the Yukon Territory in Canada. This discovery started what was known as the Yukon Gold Rush, having thousands of people from all over the globe rushing to the area in search of gold and riches. 

The Yukon Territory in Canada was mainly unexplored and very underdeveloped at the time the Gold Rush started. The Yukon Territory is home to harsh climates and mountainous terrains, making it quite difficult to work and live there. However, despite the challenges a number of prospectors could not resist the allure of gold, and worked hard to overcome any obstacles and try their luck in the gold fields.

In order to extract the gold from the streams and creeks of the Yukon, early gold miners used simple and straightforward tools such as shovels, pans, and sluice boxes. A number of miners faced harsh working conditions like cold weather, hunger, and illness as a result of the gruelling, demanding and often life-risking nature of gold mining. In light of all these obstacles, only a few lucky miners were able to achieve financial success. Their stories of hitting it big encouraged even more people to drop their lives elsewhere and make their way to the Yukon in search of gold!

The mining methods used by Yukon Gold miners advanced as the Gold Rush progressed. Dredging operations grew to larger scales in order to recover gold from riverbeds. Hydraulic mining methods were also applied to blast hillsides away in order to process the gravel and extract gold from it. With the development of steamboats and railroads, the Yukon began to progress, making it much easier to transport supplies and equipment to and from camps that are isolated.

By the early 1900s, the Gold Rush had reached its highest point with a large number of the bigger scale mining operations ceasing operations. Smaller scale gold mining was still practiced as many families had made a living by panning for gold in the creeks and rivers of the Yukon Territory.

To this day, the economy  of the Yukon Territory continues to be supported by gold placer mining as gold is still being extracted from the dirt. Modern gold placer mining techniques have become much more advanced than those which were used during the Gold Rush. Today, larger machinery, chemicals, and cutting-edge technology is prominent in the search for Gold in the Yukon Territory, however gold mining companies are forced to follow stringent environmental regulations.

Still remembered as a huge and significant part of Canadian history, the Yukon Gold Rush fascinates people all over the world. Although times have changed, many people adore the stories and legacies who staked everything in the face of adventure, adversity and fortune from the Gold Rush.

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