A Guide to Gold Jewellery: Styles, Trends, and Care Tips

Popular Styles & Trends of Gold Jewellery

Chains: Delicate or bold, chains are a classic. Gold chains like box chains, rope chains, and link chains work for pendants but also shine on their own. For a bolder look, collect a variety of chains and pendants in various lengths that will make it simple to layer and stack.

Bracelets: Using various pieces of bracelets, you can essentially make an arm party that will clink as you move.

Rings: Look for styles with gemstones or go for a carved gold ring for an artisanal vibe. Finish the appearance with the most expensive cocktail rings.

Necklaces: Gold necklaces come in different lengths for various looks. Chunky chain necklaces are timeless fashion accessories. For a bolder choice, opt for a gold statement necklace with gemstones.

Earrings: Stud earrings are a gold jewellery staple and come in different sizes from petite to bold. Gold hoop earrings make a fashionable statement. Statement earrings have striking and attention-grabbing patterns. They act as a focal point in your outfit and attract focus towards the face.

How to Care for Your Gold Jewellery

Avoid contact with chemicals: Do not expose your gold jewellery to acidic chemicals that can harm it, such as chlorine, acetone, or ammonia, can tarnish gold. Before engaging in cleaning the house or outdoor work remove your gold jewellery.

Clean regularly: Use a moist, soft cloth to gently wipe your skin’s oils and grime off your gold jewellery. Warm water and a small amount of mild detergent can be combined to create a gentle DIY solution for tough stuck-on particles. Just soak your gold in the solution for a short while, then gently scrub away with a soft cloth.

Store separately: When not in use, keep your gold jewellery separate in a protected jewellery box or purse. Don’t merely toss all your gold jewellery into a cupboard.

Avoid resizing frequently: Get your gold jewellery sized wisely when you buy it to reduce the requirement for later adjustments. Gold jewellery can be resized, but the metal might get weaker over time.

Inspect regularly: Regularly inspect your gold jewellery for any misplaced gemstones or metal flaws.  To ensure that gold type matches, it is advisable to have repairs made by an original jeweller if at all conceivable.

FAQ: Gold Jewellery Questions Answered

How long will gold jewellery last?

Gold jewellery may last a lifetime with the right upkeep and care. Low-karat gold, such as 14 or 18 karats, is more resilient for jewellery than 24-karat gold, which is soft.

How often should I clean my gold jewellery?

To remove any oils or grime, use a soft, moist cloth to gently wipe off your gold. Use an official gold jewellery cleaner or use a homemade solution with warm water and a small amount of dish soap for a deeper clean. The gold should not be scratched by toothpaste.

Can I shower or swim while wearing gold jewellery?

When wearing gold jewellery, it is not advised to shower or go swimming. Over time, gold can be harmed by tap water’s toxins and chlorine in the pool.

Will gold jewellery turn my skin green?

Gold jewellery doesn’t make skin green on its own. The reaction between the gold’s alloys, such as copper and nickel, and the skin’s acids is what results in the discolouration. Because lower karat golds have more alloys, they are more likely to become skin green.

How often should I get my gold jewellery appraised?

If you want to maintain the assessed value for insurance purposes current, you should get your gold jewellery evaluated every two to five years. An updated evaluation will guarantee that your jewellery is suitable insurance for its present monetary worth in the case of loss or damage.

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