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A Brief History of Credit Suisse’s Precious Metals Ascendancy

Looking Back: Credit Suisse’s Establishment

Ever wondered how Credit Suisse became a precious metals trading powerhouse? It took time for them to rise. The vision, calculated risks, and courage to defy tradition were needed. Zurich, Switzerland-based Credit Suisse Group is a global bank. Connected to many banking institutions. Since 1856, it has expanded to about 45,800 employees. With 22 booking centres, it operates in 50+ countries.

The bank traded precious metals in the 1860s. Trading bullion and specie was crucial to international banking since most major currencies were based on gold. Credit Suisse bought Valcambi SA part in 1967. In 2003, the Indian commodities and gold firm European Gold Refinery purchased the majority of Valcambi SA’s shares.

Notable Precious Metals Trading

A Gold Market Powerhouse

Credit Suisse built its gold trading business in the 1960s and 1970s. One of the world’s largest gold dealers by the 1980s. Investors seeking actual gold might buy or sell gold bars, coins, and other items.

Credit Suisse sells 1 gram to 1 kilogram gold bars. Its basic design makes its 1 oz Credit Suisse gold bar ideal for serious purchasers. Credit Suisse Gold Bars of whatever weight always have .9999 pure gold (99.99%), 24-karat. Credit Suisse is a European bank; hence, its bars are usually metric, but some are troy ounces.

Gold bars have no transactional value since they are not legal currency. However, gold bars provide benefits over coins for investing in actual gold. Gold bars, especially the simple Credit Suisse Gold Bars, are cheaper to produce than gold coins.

Credit Suisse makes 1-ounce gold bars for the US and global markets. The 10-ounce bar has a test certificate, whereas the 1-ounce bar is sealed in a card. Credit Suisse launched ‘Liberty’ bullion bars. These gold bars are offered in 1 gram, 2 grams, 5 grams, 10 grams, and 20 grams.

Their innovations allowed investors to profit from gold price swings. Credit Suisse remains a reputable provider of gold buying, selling, and trading goods and services.

Trying Times for Silver

Silver bars, in various sizes and weights, are a popular precious metal investment. These bars usually bear the issuing institution’s emblem, brand name, and other identifiers. Credit Suisse created 99.9% pure silver bars in various sizes, from 1 gram to 1 kilo. Credit Suisse Valcambi Suisse makes silver-pressed bars. One of the world’s most trusted and popular LBMA good-delivery refiners in Switzerland is Valcambi, originally owned by Credit Suisse.

World-renowned Swiss bullion maker Credit Suisse manufactured the antique hand-poured bar. Collectors covet these uncommon and hard-to-get bars.

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