1 oz Silver Maple Monster Box (Random Year) (Circulated & Unsealed) (500 Pcs)

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About Random Year 1 Oz Silver Maple Coin Monster Box 

1 oz Silver Maple Coin Monster Boxes, which contains 500 1 oz Silver Coins, are made by the Royal Canadian Mint. Random Year 1 oz Monster boxes more specifically include 500 pieces of Silver that are unsealed and circulated coins, meaning they show signs of usage, wear, and tear. Every individual coin has one troy ounce of 9999 Pure Fine Silver with the very easily recognizable Maple Leaf design from the Royal Canadian Mint, representing Canada’s beautiful natural landscapes.

The designs on the coins in the Random Year Monster Boxes may differ as the coins may have been minted in different years. However, each coin will most definitely contain 1 troy ounce of the premium silver that the Royal Canadian Mint is known to produce.

The coins in the Random Year 1 oz Silver Maple Monster boxes are not sealed and have been in circulation, meaning they will show signs of wear and tear. However, to investors who are most concerned about the silver contents, these 1 oz Silver Maples Leaf Coins are an amazing investment as they are offered at a lower premium than uncirculated and sealed Monster boxes.

The value of these boxes fluctuate as a result of a number of variables, such as the silver market, the conditions of the coins in stock, and the demand from investors or collectors.

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