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About U.S Mint

The United States Mint is responsible for producing coinage in the United States of America, it is a bureau that falls under the Department of Treasury. Its main function is controlling trade commerce and bullion. The main products that are produced are American Eagle gold and silver bullion and coins among other products. U.S. Mint only produces coinage and bullion and does not print money as the Royal Canadian Mint does. The American Eagle coins were first produced in 1986, producing a variety of coins like the double eagle coin. U.S. Mint has also expanded into platinum and palladium bullion coins.

The United States Mint acts as the government agency which is responsible for producing and distributing the nation’s currency. The U.S Mint was established in 1792 and has been operating continuously since then, producing circulation coins along with bullion products. The U.S. Mint operates in four main locations Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, and West Point. Philadelphia and Denver’s facilities are primarily responsible for producing the circulation coins, while another locations like the San Francisco facility produces proof and commemorative coins, and the West Point location primarily produces the bullion coins.

They produce a wide variety of coins, including pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars for circulation. The United States mint also produces commemorative coins, which are legal tender but not intended for circulation, and bullion coins, such as the American Eagle gold and silver coins, which are primarily purchased for their precious metal content.

With the prime goal of producing coinage, the U.S. Mint also has a role to promote the history of coinage, the role of the mint in American society, and the art and technology of coin production. The public can learn about the history of coinage and the minting process at the Philadelphia location, where the visitors are welcome.