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About Royal Mint

The Royal Mint is the official mint of the United Kingdom and is over a thousand years old. The mint is owned by His Majesty’s treasury and has an exclusive contract to mint nations’ coinage. The Royal mint was located and operated within the tower of London for hundreds of years till it was moved to the royal mint court in the 1960s.
The Royal Mint LTD is a sovereign mint and the Britannia is the official coin of the mint. It has lady Britannia engraved on the coin and depicted as holding a trident in one hand and a shield in the other. Since its inception in 1987, the design was changed every year till 2012, after that only the background changed. Year to year the mint produces special products like the Memorial Sovereign collection, and the Harry Potter collection to name a few. These collector items are very popular with collectors and usually fetch a high price.
In the early periods of the country, there were numerous mints that were unified and centralized to the mint under the tower of London. Around 1464 individual roles were established for individual mints. In the 16th century, a new currency was established called the Debasement, which started using cheaper metals like copper. This new system was implemented to strengthen the control on currency and ended major coin production outside London. In the 1st world, war gold was removed from circulation to pay for the war. The mint has survived world wars, civil wars, depressions, and numerous historical events, the mints that are produced here carry the history of centuries with them.
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