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About Royal australian mint

Australia’s official government-owned mint, the Royal Australian Mint (RAM), is in charge of creating all of the nation’s legal tender and commemorative coins. As a result of the decision to switch from British currency to decimal currency, it was established in 1965.

The RAM, which is based in Canberra, the capital of Australia, creates premium coins that are highly prized by collectors both there and abroad. For a variety of events and occasions, the Mint also creates and produces medals, medallions, and tokens.

The RAM is dedicated to excellence in areas other than coin production. The Mint also runs a visitor center where guests can find out about coin history, see how coins are made, and shop for a variety of coins and other mementos.

All things considered, the Royal Australian Mint is a renowned organization that creates premium coins and has a long history of excellence and innovation. Its dedication to quality and innovation ensures that it will remain a leading mint in the years to come. Its coins are highly valued by investors and collectors worldwide.