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About New Zealand Mint

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, the New Zealand Mint is a privately owned mint. Although it was initially a British Royal Mint subsidiary when it was founded in 1967, it gained independence in 1985.

The New Zealand Mint has been producing coins and numismatic goods in New Zealand and all over the world since its establishment. It has won numerous awards for its products and is renowned for its innovative designs and top-notch craftsmanship.

Numerous coins are produced by the New Zealand Mint, including circulation coins, collector coins, and commemorative coins for important occasions and events. Additionally, it makes medals and other numismatic items like coin tubes and proof sets.

The Silver Fern bullion coin, which has an image of the recognizable New Zealand fern on one side and an image of Queen Elizabeth II on the other, is one of the most well-known items produced by the New Zealand Mint. The coin has grown to be one of the most well-known silver coins in the world and is highly prized by investors and coin collectors.

Collaborations between the New Zealand Mint and well-known entertainment companies like Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel are also well-known. It has created a wide variety of coins and other products with themes and characters from these brands that are well-liked by collectors and fans.

The New Zealand Mint is a significant organization that has a long history of creating high-quality coins and numismatic items. It maintains its position as a market leader and is renowned for its cutting-edge designs and partnerships with well-known brands.