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A leading Swiss precious metals company, PAMP SA, and MMTC Limited, a government-owned company in India, have partnered to form MMTC PAMP. It was started in 2008 with the intention of creating and selling premium gold and silver bars, coins, and jewelry.

In the Special Economic Zone of Mewat in the Indian state of Haryana, the company has a cutting-edge refining facility. The facility is equipped with the most recent technology for refining precious metals to the highest international standards and has the capacity to produce 100 tonnes of gold and 600 tonnes of silver annually.

With weights ranging from one gram to one kilogram, MMTC PAMP manufactures a large selection of cast and minted gold and silver bars. In addition to the refinery’s logo, weight, purity, and a special serial number for authentication, the bars are stamped with the refinery’s hallmark.

In addition to producing goods made of precious metals, MMTC PAMP also provides a range of services, such as precious metal testing, analysis, and evaluation. Customers who want to store their precious metals in a safe and secure environment can also take advantage of the company’s secure storage facility.

Because of its dedication to high-quality production and adherence to international standards, MMTC PAMP has built a solid reputation as a reliable name in the precious metals sector in India and throughout the world.

MMTC PAMP, a joint venture between MMTC Limited and PAMP SA, was founded to create and market premium gold and silver products. It has become a reputable name in the precious metals sector thanks to its cutting-edge refining facility, dedication to quality, and adherence to international standards.