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About Mexican Mint

The Mexican Mint, also known as La Casa de Moneda de México, has been in operation for more than 450 years, making it the oldest mint in the Americas. The Spanish Crown, which desired to establish a mint in the New World to produce coins for the Spanish colonies, gave the order for its establishment in 1535.
The Mexican Mint has been a significant player in the political and economic history of Mexico and Latin America for many years. For a large number of nations, including Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras, it has produced coins and other forms of currency.
The Mexican Mint today is a cutting-edge facility that creates coins, bullion, and other numismatic items. It is located in Mexico City, and is owned by the Mexican government.
Numerous coins, including circulation coins, collectible coins, and commemorative coins for important occasions are produced by the Mexican Mint. Additionally, it makes medals and other numismatic items like coin tubes and proof sets.
The Mexican Libertad silver bullion coin, which was first released in 1982 and has since grown to be one of the most well-known silver coins in the world. A picture of Mexico City’s Winged Victory statue can be seen on the coin.
The Mexican Mint is renowned for its inventive designs and excellent craftsmanship. It has made a name for itself as a leader in the sector by garnering numerous awards for its coins and numismatic goods.
Overall, La Casa de Moneda de México is a significant organization with a long and illustrious history that continues to be a global leader in the production of coins and numismatic goods.