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About Asahi Refining Mint

Asahi Refining is a major player in the Refining industry. They purchased the company Johnson Matthey in the year
2015. With a history of close to 200 years in refining and minting precious metals, Johnson Matthey dealt in gold and silver with facilities located in the USA and Canada. With no refining background, they have recently been introduced as one of the newest private mints in the precious metals market. Asahi
Refining is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Holdings Inc., a leader in precious metal refining, trading, and bullion product manufacturing.

Asahi Refining produces bullion products for Gold and Silver with their most popular products being the 1 Oz Gold Bar, 1 Oz Silver bar, 1 Oz Silver Round, and 10 Oz Silver Oz Bar. Asahi Refining Mint products hold a 99.999% purity boasting some of the highest standards of gold & silver available.

Asahi Refining is a metal refining company that specializes in the processing and refining of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. From the precious metals they refine, they provide minting services for producing various coins, bars, and other bullion products. Asahi company has XRF Assay machines that will accurately determine the contents and purity of your precious metals. With the help of expert professionals, they make sure the products they produce are of the highest quality meeting the market standard and needs. Asahi Refining is one of the most reliable options for all your precious metal needs, whether you are an individual looking to invest in precious metals or a company in need of refining services.

Instant Gold Refining is an authorized Asahi Refining Bullion reseller and with close to 15 years of experience in the precious metals industry. Pricing for Instant Gold Refining is very affordable and competitive. In the Vancouver bullion market, we have some of the lowest prices for gold and silver bullion.