Buying Wholesale Silver Bullion in Vancouver

The magnificent city of Vancouver is home to a number of Canada’s greatest attractions. Boasting gorgeous views of mountains and coastlines, Vancouver’s natural beauty entices millions to live there. Although Toronto is widely known as the financial hub of Canada, Vancouver has been dubbed Canada’s west coast financial hub. The city holds many large investment firms alongside some of Canada’s top economists. Vancouver was established and popularized during the 1862 Fraser Gold Rush. This historic event sparked an economy that would eventually grow to become Canada’s 3rd third-largest city. The city’s history in precious metals has paved the way for a vast market of wholesale Gold and Silver Bullion to bloom.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Silver in Vancouver

Silver’s greatest aspect is that it is significantly cheaper than Gold, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios with less capital. Silver and Gold both share similar features as they have always proven to be reliable and stable. In times of economic instability such as those in 2008, Silver rose 450% in three years, while Gold only grew 165%. Moreover, silver’s return rates are a great indication of how underrated and powerful this safe-haven asset is. Buying wholesale silver bullion will allow investors to buy a large amount at lower rates, therefore allowing for a better ROI.

Where to Buy Wholesale Silver Bullion in Vancouver

Surrounding Vancouver is the Lower Mainland Area which consists of cities such as Abbotsford, Surrey, Burnaby, and Richmond. If you would like to diversify your portfolio by buying wholesale silver bullion, get in touch with us today. Located in Surrey, Instant Gold Refining has become one of the most trusted bullion dealers in Vancouver. We offer some of the most competitive wholesale rates on the market, catering to not only Vancouver but all of Canada. 

If you’re looking to invest into Silver by purchasing at a retail level, check out They are a reputable premier bullion dealer based in Toronto who we have done many years of business with. They offer a variety of products such as 1 oz Silver bars at lowest and most competitive premiums on the market.

With any questions regarding precious metals or for quotes get in touch with our team. You can reach us by phone at +1-604-498-5001. You can also email us at [email protected]. Along with checking out our website

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