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Scrap gold

Bring all your scrap gold and jewellery to us and we will be giving you the buy out price after melting your gold in just only few minutes.Our in-house facility with state of the art burning and sifting equipment combined with our professionally trained technicians will provide you best results.


Whether you have one pounds or one hundred  pounds silver, we will process it with precision and accuracy.  If you have a handful of silver coins you can also get those melted right away. We refine all kinds of silver stuff including silver antique cutlery.

Floor Sweep,Polishing Dust & Dental Filing

You could be throwing away thousands of dollars  every year.Many manufactures and jewelers all have got dedicated space in their facilities for resizing, shaping, and customizing items. The precious metal dust, grindings and chippings generated during these processes can often accumulate in clothes, floor mats, carpets, rags, filters and vacuum bags. We provide services related to grinding, filing, bridges, caps and casting gates.

Bench Filing

We make it fast and easy to recycle your company’s gold bench sweep and filing.When gold, platinum & silver prices are high even small amounts of these precious metals can add up to large returns. At instant gold refining we take care of all your bench sweep and filing.